TNNA Summer 2015!

Skacel knitted swatch tipi

Lovely dinner with Ravelry, Kniterella, Tot Toppers, and French Press Knits!

New swag from Slate Falls Press! 

a peek! protoype sweater for our new book 

meeting baby Fresh Stitches in the Brown Sheep Co booth!

For those of you who have attended TNNA, you might understand this blog post: two weeks after the event you have a small collection of blurry instagram photos, a big stack of business cards on your desk and your luggage is still not put away. Right?

It was another exciting show for me, this was my fourth show in Columbus and it is always a great experience to step outside of "normal" life for a few days and submerge myself in the yarn world. We are launching a new storybook this winter, so I was able to share some sneak peeks with our favorite people in the business and get some inspiration for future projects that are yet-to-be-revealed.

There is a lot of conversation out there about the future of the industry and the future of this show in particular. I will include here a list of TNNA wrap-up blog posts that are much better at analyzing this than I am!

Stay tuned this summer for some new patterns, storybook sneak peeks, and updates to our Etsy shop!

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