Salida Fiber Festival!

by Joanna
I just returned from a weekend trip to Salida, Colorado, for their 4th annual Fiber Festival. Having heard about how amazing this particular festival is, and the fact that it is in one of my favorite areas of Colorado, I was eager to attend!

There is something so perfect about packing for a trip just as the weather is starting to cool. It was great to go open up my cedar wardrobe and pull out a few of my beloved handknits, lonely after a long summer in storage. The light blue cardigan is one I finished knitting in early summer and this was its inaugural debut!

Upon our arrival at the festival, I spotted a Phoebe's Sweater! It was worn by this darling brace girl, who had just hiked Mt. Princeton with her father the day before. Wow! The purple heather yarn looked just beautiful on her.

 I was fortunate enough to be able to do a book signing on Saturday in the Wooly Wonka Fibers booth with my friend, Anne. If you haven't seen her yarn, pop on over to her site to take a peek! Her gradient cakes and mini-skein kits are just beautiful.

 These two fun, creative and hilarious teenagers were my helpers and companions for the weekend. Don't let the photo fool you, I wouldn't trade them for anything! Not only were they extremely helpful in prepping inventory, carrying books and feeding me while I drove, they are the best joke-telling, clue-playing, zipline-riding, stay-up-late-laughing girls a woman could ask for. Thank you, girls!

On our way home we had time to stop in the ghost town of St. Elmo. What an interesting place it is! Many of the buildings still host old furniture, peeling wallpaper and knick knacks from an abandoned era. There was much scope for the imagination!

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