Although we try our very best to publish books that are free from error, from time to time, mistakes do find their way into our books. Please accept our apologies for this. Here is a list of our titles and known errata. If you think you have found an error that needs correcting, please contact us at slatefallspress AT comcast DOT net

Thank you!

Phoebe's Sweater: no known errata

Freddie's Blanket: no known errata

Phoebe's Birthday
page 43, steps 1 and 2 says: "with wrong sides together"; should say "with right sides together"

Green Gables Knits: no known errata

Henry's Hat: 
page 10 line 8 says "returned to safe" should say "returned safe"
page 20 line 1 says "was" should say "way"

Sherlock Knits: in the print edition for A Sweater For John: pages 4 and 5 were inversed. Work instructions for page 5 first, then page 4.

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