Wild Purls in Billings, Montana

When we arrived at Wild Purls, we were kindly greeted by Silver Medalists! Julia's husband and daughter had just won a badminton medal in the Big Sky State Games, which is kind of like the Montana Olympics. We were certainly off to an auspicious start!

We had a great time meeting readers and knitters of all ages. From near and far...

This Montana knitter made a lovely Freddie's Blanket which was on display in the shop.

I love her green and yellow version of the pattern!

This Wyoming knitter was so eager to learn, to visit and to chat. She loves to knit for babies and children, and has started collecting lovely handknit items in a cedar chest for....
well, we'll have to wait and see!
This knitter had travelled the farthest... all the way from New York! She had a lot of time to explore the beautiful yarn shop- very inspiring!

I mean, how could this stunning wall of yarn *not* be inspiring?

And this: an electric ball winder? Every shop should have one of these, I found it quite captivating!

After the book signing, we had a truly wonderful group of students in for a class. It was so fun to watch everyone's progress, to see all of the unique color combinations come to life as each knitter learned to create a knitting project in several colors.
A lovely day for all, all around!

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