by Phoebe
We had a great time at Send It Home in West Yellowstone, Montana.  The adorable baby Megan greeted us as soon as we arrived... what a sweetie!

We had so much fun meeting knitters and readers in Yellowstone from near and far. These two visitors from California are planning on knitting up some toys from our books.

Sisters! Camrynn had her book inscribed, and her big sister is just starting her second knitting project. Hurray for new knitters!

Another new knitter came by, and we had a great time chatting about how Elizabeth Zimmerman has inspired her knitting adventures.

Kristy, who happens to be a talented pattern tester, shared some of her projects, and this was my favorite:

A baby mouseling for her Phoebe Doll! I hope she shares the pattern with us... she even knit up a little baby diaper!

Pati and Kristy showed Mother all of the neat yarns at the gift shop...

even custom dyed skeins from Blue Ridge Yarn, inspired by the Grand Prismatic Spring:

(Grand Prismatic Spring)

The park was simply amazing.

Now THAT is how to travel in style!

Lastly, here is a funny photo of Father running through a waterfall by the side of the road. Mother's yellow knitting is reflected in the windshield, and it kind of looks like he is on fire, but he isn't.
I just thought it was a silly thing to share.

Thank you to everyone in Yellowstone who made our trip so much fun!
Up next, Wild Purls in Billings, Montana!

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