Another idea?

I found this hand drawn notecard recently... don't you think a story with a cute chipmunk would be a good idea? Someday, perhaps...


  1. I love the idea of a chipmunk story. They're so cute and dashing with their stripes and friendly faces. And we're partial to them in my family. Mom was a city girl growing up and always thought chipmunks were bigger, like squirrels or cats, and has never lived down the teasing she got when she saw her first one. It's a family joke at this point. PLUS, when we went to Disney World one year when I was a kid, we got on the elevator and a full, human-sized Chip (of Chip & Dale) was right there and Mom said, "THAT's how big they're supposed to be!"

    (Though, I'll confess, man-sized chipmunks running around the yard would not be nearly so cute.)

  2. I LOVE chipmunks! I vote YES on a book about them! As for the pattern, hmmmm I would have to think about that! :)

  3. I would love to do this someday... chipmunks are so cute, and kids love them! Little brother calls Chip and Dale "Chicken Dale." So fun!


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