by Phoebe
We had a great time at Send It Home in West Yellowstone, Montana.  The adorable baby Megan greeted us as soon as we arrived... what a sweetie!

We had so much fun meeting knitters and readers in Yellowstone from near and far. These two visitors from California are planning on knitting up some toys from our books.

Sisters! Camrynn had her book inscribed, and her big sister is just starting her second knitting project. Hurray for new knitters!

Another new knitter came by, and we had a great time chatting about how Elizabeth Zimmerman has inspired her knitting adventures.

Kristy, who happens to be a talented pattern tester, shared some of her projects, and this was my favorite:

A baby mouseling for her Phoebe Doll! I hope she shares the pattern with us... she even knit up a little baby diaper!

Pati and Kristy showed Mother all of the neat yarns at the gift shop...

even custom dyed skeins from Blue Ridge Yarn, inspired by the Grand Prismatic Spring:

(Grand Prismatic Spring)

The park was simply amazing.

Now THAT is how to travel in style!

Lastly, here is a funny photo of Father running through a waterfall by the side of the road. Mother's yellow knitting is reflected in the windshield, and it kind of looks like he is on fire, but he isn't.
I just thought it was a silly thing to share.

Thank you to everyone in Yellowstone who made our trip so much fun!
Up next, Wild Purls in Billings, Montana!


Scotts Bluff National Monument

by Phoebe
May and I had a great time hanging out at Scotts Bluff National Monument together!

"Towering eight hundred feet above the North Platte River, Scotts Bluff has been a natural landmark for many peoples, and it served as the path marker for those on the Oregon, California, Mormon, and Pony Express Trails."
~U.S National Park Service

The views there are remarkable. You can see for miles and miles around!

We made a new friend at the Visitor's Center...

You know how I love adventures on the road with my friends!


My Sister Knits~ Ft. Collins, CO


The shop is around back...

The trunk show was fun, thanks for having us!

We were hoping to visit the roosters and hens...

Why, hello, there!

The trolley passed just as we were leaving. 
Thanks for having us- It was lovely as always!


TNNA Goody Bags...

by Phoebe
You've seen the Loot Bag and the Treat Bag.
Today I have two new Goody Bags to show you!
Marly (aka Yarn Thing) put together a fun dinner for designers at TNNA in June. Not only did people get to visit, meet, network, and have fun, but everyone came home with a great goody bag of yarny treasures. I chose a few of my very favorite ones to share here: a Bitty Bag from Namaste, an edict project bag from Della Q, buttons (we love buttons!) from JHB, heel lotion from Soakwash, a turquoise knit kit from Knit Kit, and a rosewood crochet hook from Boye (which will come in very handy soon... more on that to come!) were some of our favorite things from the dinner.
Oh! I almost forgot this- Malabrigo Sock Yarn. This wasn't included in the first photo since it has already been knit up into something that I can't show you because it won't be published until this fall in an online magazine. Not Knitty, not Petite Purls, you will just have to wait and see!
Lastly, here is a grouping of things Mother was given just because... All were gifts from friends. Lavishea makes a delicious-smelling botanical lotion bar, our lovely friend Pavia at Miknitures handcrafts each piece of her knitted jewelry, Kniterella makes the niftiest project tags and bags, and Ysolda's newest book, Little Red, came signed with a personal note just for Mother... a project has already been cast on from the book. More on that later, too.

This post has three teases— something crochet related, a new pattern, and a fall sweater project. I promise I will let you know how everything stitches up!


Happy Independence Day!

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."