Dollhouse days

by Phoebe
As I have mentioned before, we seem to have a lot of homemade dolls and toys here at our house.  Sister in particular loves to make dolls of all shapes and sizes, with mother's help.  Recently, she made a most favorite toy- a  shoebox dollhouse, which is just the right size for her little handcrafted walnut shell family.  Last summer she received a book called Green Crafts for Children as a birthday gift, and has made about half of the projects from it so far.  All you need to make the shoebox dollhouse is some cardboard boxes, scraps of fabric and wrapping paper, glue, paint, and a few other odds and ends.  It is in heavy use these days as it has been a most favorite toy this month.  She really enjoyed sewing little pillows for the couch, and making a little fabric coverlet for the bedroom.  I think it looks rather cozy and comfortable, don't you?

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