2010 Fiber Fun Fest

by Phoebe
Today our county's 4-H program hosted a really fun event at the fairgrounds called the Fiber Fun Fest.  I spent the entire afternoon there with an amazing group of fiber artists, yarn producers, quilters, teachers, weavers, spinners, and other helpful volunteers.  While Sister took a needle felting class, Mother had a nice time visiting with her friends, buying yarn, and learning more about wool, fiber production, and other crafts such as lace making and basket weaving.  I got to visit with a very interesting angora rabbit named "Chocolate Mousse."  Not only is this rabbit very special because of its beautiful soft fiber, but it is one of only two angora rabbits in the entire country with beautiful red eyes.  My favorite part of the day was hanging out at the Brown Sheep Company booth.  I am knit from Brown Sheep Company yarn, so I felt quite at home with all of that cozy colorful wool nearby!

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  1. Very sweet! Glad you hooked up with Peggy and the Brown Sheep family!

    Take care,

    Brown Sheep Store Manager/Knitting Instructor


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