First knit night

by Phoebe
I went out to knit night tonight with a great group of women mother knows. I guess I have actually gone a few times before, as a project in a basket when I was being knitted, but it wasn't quite the same that way. This is a really special group of women mother has been knitting with for years, some longer than others, and even one who just learned to knit and is now in love. Once a week, mother quickly hurries out the door after dinner, and now I know why. What a neat group of people! A teacher, a dancer, a fiber artist, a doula, a domestic goddess, a dental technician... but they are so much more. They are also mothers, knitters, overcomers, and dear friends. I even got to play with a really fun little girl just my size. Her name is Gigi and she pulled on my ears a little bit, but that's okay. It was worth it.


  1. Are your ears sore at all? Looks like she got a nice bite on one of them but she's too cute to blame!

  2. My ear is just fine, thanks, fortunately Gigi's little gums are still toothless!


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