Anne Of Green Gables Sampler

This new pattern drops today! The Anne Of Green Gables Sampler is designed to showcase the gorgeous Anne of Green Gables mini-skein set hand dyed by Six and Seven Fiber.

The pattern features ten unique lace stitch patterns; each time you change colors, you work a different lace stitch. By the time you are done with the cowl you will have sampled out a wide variety of stitch patterns to add to your library of knitting knowledge!

This pattern is available exclusively as a part of the Six and Seven Fiber Anne of Green Gables mini skein set. Photography courtsey of Six and Seven Fiber.


  1. I recently purchased kit with this pattern from Simply Socks. Received notice that there was an error and new pattern sent.Please clarify where error is since I cannot find

    1. Thank you for asking! All pattern corrections are listed here on our website:

  2. This kit appears to be sold out ... any chance you’ll be releasing the pattern without the kit?

  3. Hi Anna, Thank you for asking! Six and Seven Fiber will be restocking the kits over the next few months and the pattern will be available for sale on its own October 2019. Thank you!


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