Fall is just around the corner! What's next?

We are incredibly grateful for an amazing season of summer markets!
- Estes Park Monday Artisan Market
-Art in the Park
-Salida Fiber Festival
-Valentine Flea
-Crystal Lake Art show

What's next? Not another book, not yet anyway! But we are developing some new prints of Eric's artwork. And I have a few new knitting patterns in the pipeline, including one created from this lovely Anne Of Green Gables mini-skein collection from Six and Seven Fiber.

We are busy working on our market schedule for the fall and winter and 2019... stay tuned! We are hoping to return to Maryland Sheep & Wool, Yarn Fest, and Estes Park, and are waiting to hear on some new holiday markets and fiber arts fairs!

If you have a favorite event where you would like to see us, let us know!

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