Green Gables Knits Instagram Gallery~ Marilla's Apron

This is my third in a series of Instagram Gallery posts about the patterns from Green Gables Knits. For this post, I am sharing my second version of Marilla's Apron from Green Gables Knits.

This apron is knit up in the same yarn as I used in the book, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I went for a slightly different color, Spanish Olive.

Although the apron still has an old-timey feel to it, I think the color is more modern, and that it looks great with jeans and a tee, too. The other great thing about this yarn is how wonderfully well it washes up. Not only is it very hard-wearing, but it gets softer with every wash. I am planning to knit up a few more for gifts.

Here is the apron as originally published:

Happy Knitting, friends!

Green Gables Knits Instagram Gallery~ Gilbert's Scarf

This is my second in a series of Instagram Gallery posts of the patterns from Green Gables Knits. It is such a delight to see how these patterns look when they are worked up in colors and yarns other than those I used in the book originally. Here you see Gilbert's Scarf as photographed in the book: simple, manly, and classic.

And here is a very different version of the scarf- done up in a lovely cheerful marigold-y colorway of Lorna's Laces Haymarket. I love the way the hand-dyed yarn does a little "shape-shifting" as the scarf progresses through the diagonal herringbone stitch.


Phoebe's Sweater~ Third Printing!

In 2009 my husband and I stayed up very late one night talking about starting up a little press to publish our knitting storybook, Phoebe's Sweater. We dearly hoped that there would be a few people out there in the world who would be interested in reading and knitting through our story and patterns.

We were overwhelmed by the response to our first little book, and found ourselves, in disbelief, ordering a second printing within our first year of publishing Phoebe's Sweater. Over the years, the stacks of boxes has grown smaller and smaller, until, this past fall, we were again nearly out of books... time to hit the presses once again!

The week before Christmas, our third printing of Phoebe's Sweater arrived, and we had boxes up and shipping out immediately. It is available at your local yarn shop, Amazon, and in our Etsy shop. It has been a true delight to see how this little book is still capturing the fancy of knitters and children alike. I was really excited to see that Jasmin over at the Knitmore Girls is going to knit a Phoebe's Sweater for her adorable little girl, I can't wait to see it.

Our Etsy shop is fully stocked with brand new signed copies of Phoebe's Sweater, along with this sweet knitting mouse stationery. We also have signed copies of all of our other books, full-color prints, stationery, knitting patterns, and even mermouse doll kits.

Happy New Year from us to you, thank you for being a part of our dream come true!