Unfinished Object Update #3

In my first "Facing My UFO's" post in February, I took an honest look at my 13+ unfinished knitting projects, even the ones I had squirreled away into secret corners of my studio.

I made a new rule for myself- that I must cast off and finish two projects before starting a new one. In the two updates since then, I have finished four things and started two new ones. (I also finished those two new projects, too! But I am not counting those as "finish two start one" because I could feasibly cheat myself at my own game and never really get down to those last and lonely things I have been shying away from.)

So... in recent knitting months (which have been complicated by finished my new book!) I have made some more progress, which I want to share.

I finished my "mystery lace" project, which was actually Rachel's Table Runner from our new book, Green Gables Knits:

I also finished the adorable Lester the Fox by Lucinda Guy. I didn't enjoy all of the finishing work on this knit, but the end result is so adorable that he has taken up permanent resident on our piano!

So... reward time, right? 
I cast on something new, in my own handspun yarn. I attempted to spin a gradient yarn, going gradually from blue to yellow. And this twist pullover has captured my fancy since the moment I saw it!

One final update, my reward for my UFO update #1 was to cast on in a beautiful yarn called Metalico from Blue Sky Alpacas. The end result was the Invisibility Cloak, which was published in the recent Unofficial Harry Potter Knits:

The reward for my second UFO update was to cast on in Madelinetosh DK in the stunning colorway Mandsfield Garden Party. I made this adorable Sweet Shoppe Shawlette, and wear it every week.

It feels so good to be slowly gaining a handle on my crazy collection of unfinished things. Starting with 13 UFO's, I am now down to seven. I will post the next two soon!


  1. This is such a good strategy for finishing proejcts! I love that twist pullover - where is the pattern published?

    1. Thanks! The Twist Pullover is from Interweave's Spring 2012 issue of Knit.Wear. Enjoy!

  2. I only can have two projects going at a time or I would NEVER finish anything! Love the table runner.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Wow, two at a time? I can't imagine! Sounds nice, though!


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