Yard Sale Sewing Patterns

by Joanna

You know that feeling, when you are just about to leave a yard sale because there just isn't anything good... and then, on your way to your car, you stumble upon a box of old sewing patterns? I love that feeling.

It's the perfect storm of colors and motifs, garment silhouettes and stylized illustrations.

I just can't pass up a set of vintage sewing patterns in good condition. I have boxes and boxes of them now.

And I have no intention of stopping.

I have two nieces ages two and under... so these classics may be ready for the cutting table this summer! 


  1. Phew! Now I can show my husband that I'm not the only one. I have every pattern I ever bought - doll/ toddler/ child and even ones that I made up for myself in the 70s when I was three sizes smaller. Will I ever use each one again? Probably not, but he probably won't re-read every one of his treasured books either. LOL!

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