Finn Mouse (a mouse for little brother)

by Joanna

This evening after dinner I gave our youngest his own mouse softie. But this isn't Phoebe. No, it is her boy cousin-- let's call him Finn. He became fast friends with our youngest, who immediately gave him the grand tour of our front walkway on a variety of foot-powered vehicles.

 Finn is exactly like Phoebe Mouse except without the eyelashes, and in a simple pair of dungarees rather than a dress. He fits right in with our family.

I love his little overalls with criss-cross straps. So cute!

He and little brother are on their way to dreamland as I write. New besties, I am sure of it.


  1. Hi, do you sell the pattern? It´s just lovely! My mail is



    1. Hi Laura! The pattern is an adaptation of my Phoebe Mouse pattern, available in our book Phoebe's Sweater. I made the same mouse and invented a simple pair of coveralls for him to wear. I hope this helps!


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