Freddie Goes to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Max received a hand knit Freddie for Easter this year.  His mom finished him up the night before Easter and just couldn't wait to see his face in the morning- of course he was delighted.  He loved his sister's Phoebe doll but really wanted his very own friend.  Freddie went to church with Max and he had a great time crawling under the pews with Max!  He is a good naptime buddy, too.
When Max went to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Phoebe and Freddie went along, too. They decided to travel by wagon and it wasn’t long before Max took off the lid of his chocolate milk and promptly spilled in all over the wagon and onto Freddie’s overalls. What a mess! Thankfully there was only half a cup’s worth of chocolate milk. So after a quick rinse of the wagon, they were back on the road again. Except poor Freddie didn’t have a change of clothes so he spent the rest of the afternoon napping in the van waiting for his clothes to dry! Little boys do tend to be messy and it seems like this is the start of a beautiful friendship between Max and Freddie.
Now if only Max would stay in his bed all night like Freddie does... Max starts off in his crib and always ends up in mom and dad's bed. Maybe once he gets his new handknit blanket and his toddler bed set up he’d be more likely to sleep by himself. I suppose his mom had better get that blanket on the needles soon!

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