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Today we are sharing an interview with a very special person- our photographer.  Christa Tippmann is a wife, a mother, a knitter, a sewist, a great friend, and the very talented woman behind the lens.  She does all of our pro photography here at Slate Falls Press and working with her has been a joy.  You can see galleries of her work here on her website, Christa Tippmann Photography.  Christa has kindly agreed to do an interview with us and I can't wait to show you some of her stunning photographs.  Here we go!

How did you first get interested in photography?

About 5 years ago when my husband bought a camera for his business I started learning how to use it little by little understanding how to get the pictures I wanted. About 3 years ago I actually started to take pictures of people other than my children, that is when things really started for me, putting myself out there learning and growing a lot.

Your style is very natural and relaxed, I love that! Where do you like to shoot photos best?

Anywhere with lots of natural light. I love the early morning and later evening most, that time of day lends a lot of extra drama and interest to photos. I am a sucker for a pretty landscape just as much as a grungy ally.

Do you have a favorite photo?

I usually have a few from each shoot! My favorites are usually something with great detail or a photo when you really get a sense of the person and what they are feeling at that particular time.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Oh my, life in general. Relationships, emotion, personalities . I find so many things beautiful and just challenge myself to capture everything in the most authentic way possible.

Do you purse other arts and hobbies? How do you "unwind"?

I feel like a collector of hobbies sometimes. I think I just really like to know how to do things. I recently took up knitting and have been sewing up a storm in the past few months. Spending time with my family and friends keeps me going so I definitely make lots time for both!

Describe your dream photo shoot:

Anything with a clear concept that has been well thought out and when people are relaxed, real, and just enjoying the moment.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I regret not taking more photos of little moments in the past. Some of my favorite personal photos are not of big events but simple moments like coloring with dad, playing in the leaves, snuggling on the couch, being silly, going out on a walk. That’s why I love what I get to do so much, I give people the ability to look back at a time that’s past. I think that should be available to anyone, that’s my main goal.

Thanks, Christa, for sharing your work with us.  We look forward to what you will be doing in the coming months!

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  1. I am a fan of Christa's work. I admire her unique style and hope to work with her myself. What a wonderful feature to show the world Christa's photos! I wish her GREAT SUCCESS!


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