What happened after Vogue Knitting Live...

by Phoebe
After our big day in the city I went back to Grandma's house.  It is very beautiful and quiet there.  Just what I needed!

I spent a good part of the day watching the blue shadows of tree branches glide across the snowy fields.  Of course there was time for some knitting...

Aunt B recently learned to knit and is making her second Phoebe Mouse doll.

Grandma wore her beautiful February Lady Sweater.

And Mother, inspired by a great teacher, worked on something magical and mysterious.  In all, it was a sweet ending to a most interesting weekend.



There is a really amazing giveaway happening this weekend.  It ends Sunday evening.  Just thought you might want to check it out!


Vogue Knitting Live 2011 (photo diary)

Yarny mannequins as we entered the marketplace

Mochimochi Land!  Even cuter in person!

First Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn~ Rooster Rock!

 Liz and Mother
Liz  the Milliner kept us on track all day!

We ditched the long line at the Hilton lunchyplace for a real meal at the Astro Diner... mmmm.... Freddie loves coffee!

We had a table in 10 seconds and hot lunch in 7 minutes- that's what we all needed!

Hot Dogs and the Hilton... I love NY!

Back at the Marketplace... generous hat knitters abound

and giant knitted whales hang around

time for the very first Freddie's Blanket book signing...

someone moves their hands a lot when they talk about knitting


the Knitty City booth was hopping!

It was an honor to be a part of the amazing group of people signing books there!
Farewell to a most memorable day in an amazing city!


Vogue Knitting Live- boarding!

Tonight we are flying to New York for a quick weekend trip!  Freddie and I will be travelling in Mother's overnight bag, which is very cozy, and I am eager to take Freddie into New York City for the Vogue Knitting Live event.  Mother is scheduled to sign books at the Knitty City booth at the Hilton Hotel on Saturday.  We are expecting snow and other fun adventures, including a trip to the family farm, and I can't wait to share them with you when we return next week!


Greengrocer has knitting!?

by Joanna
While pacing a local grocery store for a few essentials this morning, I couldn't help but wander into the magazine department...
...where I found a brand-new issue of Knitting Today!  I have really enjoyed the first few issues of this fun new knitting magazine, so of course I grabbed a copy.  And, of course, I flipped to the book review section...
...only to find a sweet surprise on page 47!  Who knew?  Bananas, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, and... knitting?


Starting to ship...

Here is a peek at some of the book orders we have been packing up!  If you are a yarn shop, Brown Sheep Company has a good supply of both of our books and is shipping them out already.  Unicorn Books should have the new book in stock within a few weeks.  The Amazon inventory is ready for Fed Ex to pick it up on Monday, so Freddie's Blanket should be in stock on Amazon within a week or two, depending on their processing time.  If you ordered from us by mail or at our etsy shop, everything is in stock and ready to go.  Also, if you are local, we are doing a big book launch at the Fiber Fun Fest at the Ranch on February 26 from 12:00-2:00.  Admission is free, so come over to say hello!  Finally, if you will be attending the Vogue Knitting Live show next weekend, Joanna will be signing copies of both books at the Knitty City booth on Saturday from 4:00-5:00.  Thanks to all of you for the great feedback and support!


TNNA Long Beach, CA 2011

by Joanna
  I was thrilled to receive our brand new book by overnight mail during TNNA set-up at the Brown Sheep Company booth.  Here I am with the fine gals at Fancy Tiger- this is the very first photo of Phoebe and Freddie each with their own storybook!  The show was busy... and exhausting... and totally worth it!  I am wearing my "Fancy Tiger" outfit, which I made from the goodies I purchased there this fall:

By the way, the entire shipment of books are on their way here from our printer in Maryland and will be at our Colorado studios in a couple of days.  Are we excited about that?  You bet!


It's Here!

Look what arrived via overnight mail during TNNA setup in Long Beach this morning... the new book!


TNNA~ Cutting it close... in Long Beach

by Joanna
Today is the day.  This morning I am flying to California to attend the TNNA winter trade show in Long Beach.  This also happens to be the exact day that the very first finished copies of our new book will begin to roll off the presses on the east coast.  So, while I am in the air from Colorado to California, 2 precious copies of the book will be in the air (thank you overnight shipping!) from Maryland to California.  Ideally, we will meet for the very first time on the trade show floor tomorrow while we are setting up...  If that isn't cutting it close, I don't know what is!  Stay tuned as I let you know how it unfolds!


Freddie's Coveralls Photo Shoot

Last September, during the very final days of summer, we did the photo shoot for Freddie's Blanket.  Our photographer is really good about climbing around to get that perfect photo of the kids!  Here she is on the ground taking this photo of one of the Freddie's Coveralls knitting pattern:

I love that this pattern includes the knitted toy hammer!  What little guy (or gal?) wouldn't love that?  The coveralls pattern is quick and fun to knit, too. 

Of course it includes a loop to hold the hammer.  This little guy is all set for some fun!