Vogue Knitting Live 2011 (photo diary)

Yarny mannequins as we entered the marketplace

Mochimochi Land!  Even cuter in person!

First Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn~ Rooster Rock!

 Liz and Mother
Liz  the Milliner kept us on track all day!

We ditched the long line at the Hilton lunchyplace for a real meal at the Astro Diner... mmmm.... Freddie loves coffee!

We had a table in 10 seconds and hot lunch in 7 minutes- that's what we all needed!

Hot Dogs and the Hilton... I love NY!

Back at the Marketplace... generous hat knitters abound

and giant knitted whales hang around

time for the very first Freddie's Blanket book signing...

someone moves their hands a lot when they talk about knitting


the Knitty City booth was hopping!

It was an honor to be a part of the amazing group of people signing books there!
Farewell to a most memorable day in an amazing city!


  1. Looks like so much fun! And I love your top. I've had that in my queue for the longest time!

  2. it was wonderful to see you again. who was that other author at the booth? some beginner, i'm sure :o)

  3. It was a fun day for certain! It was great to see you, choo choo, your comment was most memorable!

  4. I saw your photo on Melissa Wehrle's blog and was thrilled to see your Leaf Yoke top! It looks great in purple! Sounds like a fun day-- wish i had been there.

  5. Hi Angela,
    I love my Leaf Yoke Top! I used Grand Opera yarn from Nashua Handknits and made it at my lys as a knitalong, I want to make another! Great pattern!

  6. Thanks for the little synopsis. I will be there on Sunday. I am so excited!

  7. Thanks for the little synopsis. I will be there on Sunday. I am so excited!


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