The Yarn Angel Knitting Shop and the "Purse Angel" at the Yarn Factory

On our road trip last month from Colorado to TNNA then to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, we stopped at the Brown Sheep Yarn Factory in Nebraska.  We were able to drop off some copies of Phoebe's Sweater, pick up some yarn and color cards, and generally chat over our excitement about the upcoming show.  Tracy in the office said she had received an email that I just had to see; it was from a shop in Queensbury, New York, called The Yarn Angel.  They had already sold out of their first order of Phoebe's Sweater, and had reordered the book.  A teacher from the shop brought Phoebe and the book into her granddaughter's school for a special story time, and Lindy, who works at the shop, knit up this beautiful sweater and doll set from the patterns in the book:
Thank you, Jodie, Lindy and all of the knitters and readers at The Yarn Angel who gave our first book such a great reception!  It was just the perfect thing to see on our way to my first TNNA!

We left the yarn factory by mid-morning and drove all of the way across Nebraska, heading for our hotel in Des Moines, Iowa.  By late afternoon we had travelled five hours from the yarn factory, and were still three hours from our hotel, when I realized that I had forgotten my purse... back at the factory.  We were looking at a 10 hour road trip to go back for my purse, which contained our camera, our cash, and both of our credit cards (long story, that one.)  We were also looking at driving our family of five for a total of 13 more hours to arrive at our hotel for the evening at 4:00 in the morning.  Gulp.  (I was also wondering if the yarn company was thinking twice about inviting me to TNNA in the first place.)  Thanks to a few quick phone calls, a rarely-used debit card in my husband's wallet, hotels in Iowa and Ohio who did not require my ID to check in, and a very gracious Peggy at the yarn factory, we were able to continue east on our journey.  Two days later, while setting up on the floor at TNNA, I met up with the "purse angel" from Brown Sheep (who packed the purse in her airline luggage), and was reunited with my purse and my sense of belonging.  Fortunately, that was the only mishap on the journey and I was glad to get it over with right at the beginning of the trip!


  1. yarny friends are the best friends! how nice that it all worked out

  2. Yayyyy! for The Yarn Angel and all the lovely ladies that are so welcoming and helpful! KarenP

  3. I hope to visit the shop someday... happy knitting!


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