Slate Falls Press "Corporate Headquarters"

by Joanna
This sign was secreted into our van as we were packing for our return trip to Colorado.  My father-in-law, a gifted pinstriper and sign writer, saved an old slate roof shingle from Slate Falls Mill, pictured here,
and artfully painted our logo onto it.  Somehow, the timing of the surprise gift was perfect- as I was just home from my first TNNA and a wonderful string of book signings on the east coast (my old stomping grounds.)  Something about this sign solidified what had been brewing for weeks- that this is real: we really wrote this book, and published it ourselves, and we love it- and people have discovered it, and love it, too.  And little girls are asking their mommies to read Phoebe's Sweater to them at bedtime, and are falling asleep clutching their little hand knit dolls that I wrote the patterns for, and knitters are enjoying the patterns and sharing their photos... 
To every single one of you who has emailed me, written letters and notes, and expressed on the phone and in person that you like what we are doing- I thank you deeply.  This experience is literally our dream come true.

So, did you look closely at the sign...
and see that my father-in-law also has a sense of humor?  Corporate Headquarters?  He knows very well that I am a work-from-home mother of three, and that I write and knit and design in between naptimes and snacktimes, during dance classes and park days.  He know that Eric works full time as a graphic designer and illustrates at night when the kids are sleeping, and that our corporate headquarters is our home, and we fit our creative life in around our family life and love it that way. 

But, for fun, I thought I would share a few photos of our "corporate headquarters" here at Slate Falls Press...
everything starts with an idea

and some materials

the outdoors for inspiration

a place to write

a place to knit

a little duty

and always, the life and creativity of our children

Thank you for letting me share a little view of our life here at Slate Falls Press. 
It's official- I am hanging out our shingle!  ~Joanna


  1. there's always time for dreams to come true - so happy to see yours happening!

  2. I LOVE your corporate headquarters sign. It's wonderful! And, really, just what you needed, because if that doesn't make this whole adventure official, I don't know what does (grin).

  3. Thanks to you both! Yay for a real sign!

  4. This is an awesome post (I apologize for posting on an older entry, it's my first time here and I'm digging through the archives)! I "found" you via an etsy search for our hometown in Colorado and came across your shop! Are you guys in the older part of town? (I just realized how creepy that could come across, I apologize ahead of time, I'm not creepy I swear!) I'm a native to the area (36 years in the same town and you notice little things in photos such as the pram/post office shot!) so seeing things like this warms my heart. :)

    I hope you and your family (and phoebe!) are all well!


  5. I just got my book yesterday and started knitting Phoebe this afternoon. The head is half done already!! I'm so excited to finish and enjoy it.
    Thank you for your inspiration!!


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