Treat Bag of Yarnie Goodness

by Phoebe
At some point in your knitting life, your friends realize you knit a lot, maybe too much, and generally stop knitting for you.  According to Mother, this is a sad business.  Well, the next best thing to having someone knit for you in having someone give you yarn, right?  On her recent trip to TNNA and such, Mother was very fortunate to receive gifts of yarn from friends, old and new, and feels very blessed by both!  Let's see what came home in this treat bag of yarn...

A new dear friend who we met at TNNA and caught up with in New York City gave her this lovely yarn as a thank you for a little favor.  It is cashmere and mohair and very very very soft and pretty!

We met the nice folks from this company at TNNA... and they gave her this beautiful yarn, which, if you have been reading along, you know is now this scarf. 

This yarn was a gift from Knitty City, and is it ever so soft!  Mother had been eyeing this sweater since she saw Cecily wearing it at TNNA and was thrilled to have the perfect yarn to knit it up!  It is currently about halfway done, what a great pattern!

Mother met one of her favorite fabric and pattern designers at TNNA (this was very exciting for her!) and was offered the chance to work up some designs with her brand new yarn- how could she say no?  I think she has something special up her sleeve for this yarn... but you will have to wait and see what it is.  Father is working on it, too... shhh!

We had a wonderful weekend at the show with this company, (of course!) and Mother is having fun swatching and playing with some of their yarn for some new ideas for future knitting picture books!

Of course you must have noticed this beautiful handspun... made by my New York hostess (did you read about my first trip to NY this winter?)  Liz is a seamstress, a knitter, a designer, a milliner, and a spinner.  Brimming with talent and creativity!  Mother is not sure what to make out of this yarn.  Any ideas out there?

So... deep inside this bag anywhere, did you happen to see a skein or two of time?  Because Mother is going to need it to get through all of these many yards of fiber! 

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