The Stitchin' Den

by Phoebe
Today I visited The Stitchin' Den in Estes Park, Colorado.  This mountain village shop has a very extensive selection of yarn, knitting kits and accessories, and needlework supplies, too.

Here I am waiting for the book signing to begin... I wonder who we will meet today?

This is Diane, a former kindergarten teacher who loves children's books and knitting, too!  Diane is the proud grandmother of a beautiful little 11 day old baby girl.  Maybe someday she will have her very own Phoebe's Sweater...

Liz is recently back from a trip to Italy with a dear childhood friend, whose granddaughter is also getting a copy of our knitting picture book and a hand knit sweater.  Happy Knitting, Liz!

Ashely is visiting Colorado from Nebraska, and is giving a book to her three little cousins.  She is their nanny, how sweet!

Alex, a very sweet girl from Texas who happens to be a craft-loving girl, was a pleasure to meet and visit with.  Have fun in Colorado! 

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the event today, and thank you to The Stitchin' Den for hosting us!

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