Twist Knitting & Spinning, New Hope, PA

by Phoebe
There is a very quaint yarn shop in New Hope, PA called Twist Knitting & Spinning.  It is located in a charming historic house and is just the kind of shop you would like to have in your neighborhood- fully stocked with both knitting and spinning supplies.
Look at all of these neat socks on the line!
And check out this beautiful version of Phoebe's Sweater, all ready for a special little girl!  It was great to visit this unique shop.  Hello, Bucks County, "Happy Knitting!"


Knitty City Book Signing

by Phoebe
 I have heard a lot about this shop called Knitty City, and everything I had heard was good.  It did not disappoint!  There was a ton of beautiful yarn packed into a rather cozy space, and we enjoyed meeting the great people who knit and work here! 
They had just gotten in a large order of Madelinetosh, and I couldn't help but have a very close look at it for myself.  It was quickly heading out the door in shopping bags before there was even time to put it up on the shelf!
Mother did a little talk, and signed some books.  We also had a great time catching up with friends... some new friends, like Melissa...
...and some dear old friends, too.  Bonnie and Liz, it was amazing to see you again!  Thank you so much for being there for us.
What a great night, thank you everyone for braving the heat to join us!


~Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

by Phoebe
Before I went to Knitty City, a wonderful yarn shop in Manhattan's Upper West Side, I rode the ferry (our was called "Miss New Jersey") to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty National Monument.  I thought the ferry boat ride was a little wobbly at first, but then I got used to it and really enjoyed the beautiful views of the city from the water.
Here you see Ellis Island between New York and New Jersey.  My great-great-grandfather came to the United States by boat and went through Ellis Island on his way to this "new land."  I could have spent all day there... but we went on the the Statue of Liberty, which was beautiful.  It is the biggest statue I have ever seen, and she looked so regal holding her torch over the city.
It was Mother's first time there, and she was very happy to see it! 
Next up... Knitty City!


Morning, Country Mouse... Evening, City Mouse

by Phoebe
In the morning I went for a walk, and this was my view:
By afternoon, I was off for a city adventure, and this was my view:
Coming soon... my adventures in New York City!


Why Knot Knit~ Chester, NJ

by Phoebe
Why Knot Knit is a great yarn shop located in the quaint village of Chester, NJ. 
This little girl is named Phoebe, too!  She came to the book signing with her grandparents, and really liked me a lot.  (I think she wanted to bring me home with her.)  Grandma isn't a knitter (yet), but has a friend who plans to knit Phoebe a sweater and a mouse just like me.
They couldn't wait to read the book for the very first time- so they went ahead and had a little story time right then and there.
It was a great day for catching up with knit bloggers in real life.  Here is another young reader who came to the signing with her mom, choochooknits.  She brought her very own dear and well-loved mouse doll- how cute! 
 We also had a fun visit with the Knitting Scholar.  Deb and Mother went to the same college (what a fun coincidence to discover) and she was great to meet in person, too!
Thank you, Why Knot Knit, for hosting the book signing, it was really lovely.  Happy Knitting!


The Book Nest~ Blairstown, NJ

The book signing at the Book Nest in Blairstown was a hit! The owner of the book shop scheduled some fun events for the entire family... including ice cream from Rita's, a great portrait painter (who painted all afternoon into the evening!) and a DJ who had quite a few brave souls singing, including my cousin who stole the show with her rendition of "Sing a Song," without missing a single "la la la..."  What fun!  Enjoy the pics!
Jessica, Jenna, and Jared...
Catching up with friends and readers in the shop...
Painting a portrait...
Singing a song!


Something Sweet

by Phoebe

We will be on the road a lot this month... mostly for book signings and such, but what about a treat now and again?  Have you ever seen such a big candy bar?  It was interesting to visit Hershey, PA and see all of the different kinds of chocolates to try... yum!  Next stop, book signing in NJ and Rita's Ice Cream!


Why, Hello, TNNA!

TNNA was a blast!  Here I am at the Brown Sheep Company booth with the Phoebe's Sweater Trunk Show, what a fun weekend!  A great big warm thank you to for offering such great coverage of all of the great people, yarns, designs, and events from the floor in Columbus.  What a treat it was to spend the weekend with such creative and talented people, in such a colorful and inspiring place!


TNNA and Ravelry Ice Cream Social...

by Phoebe
I arrived safely in Columbus, Ohio, and have been hearing about Jeni's ice cream for weeks and months.  It had to be really good to live up to the expectations... and it was.  I visited the North Market to check it out...

... and had to try out some candy at the Candy Shack.  After the TNNA fashion show I headed over to the Ravelry Ice Cream Social where they were giving out~ Jeni's Ice Cream!

I met some wonderful and talented people at the party~ a big thanks to Ravelry and the sponsors of the event.


What's New in the Studio

by Phoebe
It has been a few months since I gave you an update from the studio... did you guess that Father needed a new set of colored pencils to start work on the next book?  He did the artwork for Phoebe's Sweater using his old art pencils from college, which was about 20 years ago!  So Mother decided it was time for him to have a great new set of colors... I think they are very inspiring if you are the drawing sort, which I hope to be.  So the cat is out of the bag~ book #2 is in the works!


Yarn Market News

Thank you to Yarn Market News for the shout out~ and a great article about Phoebe's Sweater and what we are up to here at Slate Falls Press.  Did you see the collection of covers over the last five years?  My favorite is the yarn spaghetti and meatballs!


More Amy Butler Sewing Adventures

by Phoebe There is just something special about Amy Butler's fabric. It is so pretty you just want to look at it folded up nicely on the table. But then again, it does deserve to be sewn up into something fun and useful! One recent Saturday the dining room table became a sewing station and I watched closely as mother turned a big rectangle of fabric into a sweet cap-sleeved dress. I think it is going into the big red suitcase for TNNA, which is a needle arts market we are going to together this month. I can't wait!


~Acorn Doll Blanket~

Here is the perfect one skein project for your favorite doll.  The simple lace stitch looks like an acorn and is fairly easy to memorize after a few repeats.  Make sure to block it properly to show the stitches at their best.

For more information on this pattern please visit our Ravelry page:

Rhythm of the Home Interview

Rhythm of the Home Magazine is also hosting a giveaway of Phoebe's Sweater here on their blog...


Woolen Treasures Knitalong Update

by Phoebe
The knitters at Woolen Treasures have been busy~ Phoebe's Sweater knit in size 2 in Cinnamon Twist and Frosted Fuchsia, a sweet gray mouse doll, a peach doll sweater, a doll sweater in Cinnamon Twist, and the beginnings of another mouse doll!  I believe there are a few others working on projects from Phoebe's Sweater who couldn't come to our knitalong... but it is fun to see all of the progress made in just a few short weeks!  Happy Knitting!

Did you notice the sweet whiskers and needle felted face on this little doll?  Cute!