Why Knot Knit~ Chester, NJ

by Phoebe
Why Knot Knit is a great yarn shop located in the quaint village of Chester, NJ. 
This little girl is named Phoebe, too!  She came to the book signing with her grandparents, and really liked me a lot.  (I think she wanted to bring me home with her.)  Grandma isn't a knitter (yet), but has a friend who plans to knit Phoebe a sweater and a mouse just like me.
They couldn't wait to read the book for the very first time- so they went ahead and had a little story time right then and there.
It was a great day for catching up with knit bloggers in real life.  Here is another young reader who came to the signing with her mom, choochooknits.  She brought her very own dear and well-loved mouse doll- how cute! 
 We also had a fun visit with the Knitting Scholar.  Deb and Mother went to the same college (what a fun coincidence to discover) and she was great to meet in person, too!
Thank you, Why Knot Knit, for hosting the book signing, it was really lovely.  Happy Knitting!

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday, too! (And that little Phoebe with her grandparents really was adorable.)


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