Spindleberry, Free in February!

I have a brand new pattern out this week, it is called Spindleberry. This pattern uses two skeins of Malabrigo Finito, or, about 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. As a special offer, this pattern is free until the end of February. You don't need a coupon code, just put the pattern in your Ravelry cart, proceed as if to purchase it, and you won't be charged a thing. (Starting March 1 the pattern will cost $4.)

It is a fringed shawlette with a nifty button closure. The fringe is worked as you go, which makes it really fun to knit. You can trim the fringe as seen here, or, you can leave the loops whole for a more dramatic effect.

My favorite feature about this pattern is that the last page of the PDF includes a sweet illustration that my husband, Eric, made. It is a little bee. She is sitting on a spindleberry branch and spinning. A friend suggested that she is spinning spider silk, what a perfect idea!

So please accept this pattern as a little gift from me to you! Happy Knitting!


  1. Thank You! Love the shawlette and the bee spinning! I'm also working on Anne's Sweater. I'm maybe about half done and loving it. I had to do green like the book. Can't wait to finish it. Thanks again for the freebie.

  2. What a wonderful treat. Thank you! ~Kelly

  3. Very pretty! Thank you for the free pattern!

  4. I purchased this pattern and have a question about the knot. After I make the knot and put it beside the row, do I purl it with the rest of the row when I start purling or just ignore it? Sorry to be so dense, I have reread the directions several times and still am not sure..Please advise..thanks..Dianamyers146@yahoo.com

    1. Once you create the knot, you just let it rest along the side of your work. I hope that makes sense!


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