Phoebe Mouse Dress for my niece, Ruthie!

My older sister is a knitter, too. It has been really fun to share knitting tips and tricks over the 1500 miles that separate our homes and families. Her youngest child, little Ruthie, just turned one. And my sister, who insists that she is a beginning knitter, recalculated the Phoebe Mouse dress from Phoebe's Sweater and made it into a darling dress for Ruthie.

I asked her for instructions, and although they were vague, I think they would work! 
Directions according to Aunt Beth:

"She is a 19 inch chest so I just increased the whole pattern by 50% and it knit itself ;)"

Hm, kind of like a recipe for a mud pie, isn't it? She used a worsted weight wool, and the results are darling! If any of you try it out, let me know how it goes!

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