Green Gables Knits in Yarn Market News

by Joanna

About two months ago I was contacted by Yarn Market News magazine about our upcoming book, Green Gables Knits. This week, the newest issue arrived, and look what's inside!

It's getting close to crunchtime, so I've been finishing projects for the new book anywhere any everywhere--

from waiting at the dentist's office, 

to driving over Loveland pass. 

(Wait! Not actually driving, just a passenger.)

The photography is coming along beautifully. I have been scouting out period clothing at resale shops and on Etsy, and brushing up my jewelry hacking skills. All of the details matter!

Thank you all so much for sharing in the excitement for our new book. And thank you Yarn Market News for the great write-up!


  1. Anxiously awaiting it - I'm sure it's going to be super!

  2. how do I get the pattern for the lace scarf from Ann of Green Gables, isn't in book & can't seem to find it anywhere


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