~Prairie Road Trip~ Loveland, Colorado to Brown Sheep Company and back again!!

by Joanna
Eric and I work out of our home studios in Loveland, Colorado, which is about a three hour drive from the Brown Sheep Company wool mill in Mitchell, Nebraska. On Monday, my dad and I took at quick day trip up to the mill.

We drove north to Cheyenne, then east into Nebraska. Every time I go to Brown Sheep Co, I drive by this old Rambler station wagon. I always wanted to stop and snap a pic of it, so today I did.

This wonderful agricultural museum sits just east of the Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The skies could not have been more clear as we drove by! (Not in a covered wagon, but in a Ford pickup.)

I spotted this license plate as soon as we arrived at the mill, don't you love it? We had a great visit at the mill and talked through some exciting ideas to work on over the next few months. Also, we were able to pick up a pallet of books from their warehouse.

We took a shortcut through eastern Wyoming on the way home. There were a lot of spring calves out grazing on the plains.

My dad's "new" truck handled the load perfectly! The weather was forecasting rain, but we were able to dodge the raindrops and get home to Loveland safe and sound.

Here we are! 45 boxes of Phoebe's Birthday, brought in just before the rain arrived. 

When I say Eric does all of the "heavy lifting" around here, I mean it quite literally!

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