Christopher Robin Pullover

The Christopher Robin Pullover is my newest knitting pattern. 

Our fabulous photographer, Christa Tippmann, captured these wonderful photos of our youngest child last spring. I am especially enjoying all of the lovely and lively green, as our little neighborhood is presently blanketed in bright snow.

I used Amy Butler's Belle Organic Aran for this pattern, which is a lovely squishy cotton and wool blend. It knit up beautifully.

This pattern is the simplest kind of sweater I could think of: a front and a back, each "T" shaped, joined at the edges with single crochet. It is just one step up from knitting a dishcloth, so if you have always wanted to try knitting a sweater but have felt intimidated-- this is a great first sweater!

It is worked in a simple Quaker Ridging stitch pattern, which is very fun to do and adds a great texture and line to the sweater.

It has a nice large and open neckline so there is no worry about tugging too-tight-neck sweaters over large heads. That is very important when knitting for children!

I love that our preschooler is presently in love with "Winnimee The Pooh" as he calls our beloved Edward Bear. The boots, umbrella, and outdoor spring are a wonderful hint to the cherished adventured of Christopher Robin.

Happy Knitting!

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