Phoebe's Spool Quilt Day Three~ Ironing

Confession- I love ironing. Good thing- because there is a lot of it involved in quilting. If you are thinking about learning to sew or quilt and you loathe ironing, you might want to think twice. Now, this isn't fussy ironing like working on a pleated shirt with cuffs and plackets (even I only like that kind of ironing just a tiny little bit)... but taking wrinkled up scraps of colorful fabrics and smoothing everything out- that is ironing at its best.

I guess I wish it were that simple to take the wrinkles out of the bigger things in life, but alas, for now, I will be very content with my tidy collection of colorful prints. They look rather wild at this point, all at once and so close together, but I am hoping they will work well once I start building the blocks.

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