Phoebe's Spool Quilt Day 19~ Sandwiching the Quilt

I layered the quilt. First, I taped the backing, wrong side up, to the dining room floor. Next, comes the batting, which needs to be carefully smoothed. Lastly, the quilt top, right side up, which also needs to be carefully arranged to avoid bumps, lumps, and wrinkles. 

I used one safety pin per block to keep things in place while I hand quilt this project. I really love this stage- all of the pieces are secured in place, I can put away my iron and cutting tools for a few weeks, and fit the entire project (including sewing hoop, thimble, needles, and thread) in a generous tote. 

(I think my family loves this stage, too- we have a table in our dining room again!)

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