Phoebe's Spool Quilt Day 15~ Finishing the Quilt Top

Have you ever worked really hard at trying to make something look "random" and unplanned? Any scrap quilter can relate. My main goal here was to not have any spool caps of the same fabric right next to each other. I casually laid out the blocks on our dining room floor and stepped back. I liked it. I didn't change anything. I am just trusting the inspired process at this stage of the construction! 

I am not sure about the fabrics I chose for the strips and borders. I may revisit my choices there, and use some fabric I had hope to use for a skirt for the border instead. Still out of the stash... so I think I am okay there. I think I will buckle, though, on the batting. I can't seem to find any good cotton batting laying about my studio, and if I can't track some down, I will be breaking my (self-imposed) rule of "no shopping" for this quilt to get the right batting. I don't think I will be happy if I use polyester, which I seem to have an abundance of. 

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