Phoebe's Spool Quilt Day 12~ Finding Time to Stitch

Today was one of those busy days- between keeping house, laundry, mothering, working on Slate Falls Press projects (like updating our website and Amazon pages, arranging a book review, working on a new knitting pattern design, tending to details for an upcoming book signing...) and so forth, there just wasn't much time left to sew. I did manage to fit in a few minutes, which I really enjoyed, but only because I had all of my sewing things set up and ready to go.

I totally understand that it can be hard to carve out a dedicated sewing space. For years, when I was creating custom baby quilts, I had a great space to sew- a large wooden table that was only used for sewing. That space later became my office and studio, where I write, design, and run Slate Falls Press. Although I really love what I do, I really missed having my sewing machine set up and ready to stitch at a moment's notice. This fall, I moved a small wooden desk into an underutilized corner of my studio, and it has made a world of difference in my sewing time. That pair of curtains or dust ruffle that had been on my to-sew list (seemingly forever) suddenly seemed doable.

I love my little sewing corner. How about you?

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