by Joanna

The spring issue of Petite Purls just went live, and I am honored to have a pattern {Klickitat} published in this season's issue. My hope was to create a "mom and baby" shawl with a wide variety of uses, and I did my best to design the shawl I "wish I had" when our three children were babies. I was never much one for nursing shawls or wraps, but I fell in love with the idea of a woman's shawl that could also be an heirloom gift for a baby. 

In addition to being a shawl, it is a cozy cuddling wrap for mom and baby.

It is a sweet and simple baby blanket.

It works as a nursing shawl, too.

It can be criss-crossed in the front, which would be great for staying cozy while baby wearing.

My favorite part... is that it is also a beautiful shawl for a little girl!

What little girl wouldn't want to wear her own baby blanket as a cape? 

I know our daughter would have!

Knit up in just 2 skeins of sock yarn- (I used Diana from Yarn Love)- I know this will be my go-to baby shower gift for years and years to come.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, along with the wonderful little knitworthy people in your life.

A big thank you to Christa Tippmann for the lovely photos.


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