Learning to Spin on the Ashford Traveller

by Joanna
I always said I would never be a spinner. I hardly have time to knit the yarn I already have, why would I start making it myself? But sparked by our daughter's earnest desire to learn to spin, and inspired by a lovely morning at a harvest festival spinning booth with Amy Clarke Moore, we found ourselves "on the market" for a spinning wheel.

A very kind and generous woman, hearing of our new interest from a mutual friend, emailed me one afternoon. As she was in the process of remaking her studio into a writing space to work on her new book, and didn't have room for her wheel anymore, she offered it to us. 
I was floored. It was providential. We said yes, and it came home with me that very night.

 Our preschooler, who is fascinated by anything that turns, is my biggest cheerleader. "Here it comes!" he calls out as I start a new bobbin. "You're doing it!" he shouts as I get into a nice rhythm.

"Can I do it?" he asks. So he helps me gently guide the roving along. Then, quite proudly, "You made it, mom! You made it!"

Creating something by hand, something beautiful that you love, is an amazing experience. That is right, son. I made it. I guess I might be becoming a spinner after all.


  1. Wonderful! Welcome to the dark side. :-) I haven't touched my wheel in months
    , but I love spinning. M has been watching me spin since she was a little baby. I know she wants to learn and when she is older I will definitely teach her.

  2. I am really enjoying this a lot. I have to credit L- I never would be doing this if it weren't for her! We should have a spin-in some day when our girls are grown!


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