24 Christmas Stories- A Literary Advent Adventure

This year we are celebrating the Advent season in true literary fashion.
On a high shelf in the living room is a stack of 24 Christmas Stories, one for each evening until Christmas morning. We will enjoy watching the stack of books grow smaller and smaller as we draw nearer to Christmas day. Included are some of our favorite authors: Lois Lenski, Barbara Cooney, Tomie DePaola, Tasha Tudor, and Ezra Jack Keats, to name a few.
We hope you will enjoy some of your favorite Christmas books along with us, and perhaps discover a new favorite or two!

#1~ White Snow, Bright Snow
#2~ I Like Winter
#3~ A Certain Small Shepherd
#4~ Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes
#5~ The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree
#6~ Baby's Christmas
#7~ The Little Drummer Boy
#8~ The Christmas Cat
#9~ The Christmas Story
#10~ Silent Night
#11~ Amahl and the Night Visitors
#12~ The Family Christmas Tree Book
#13~ Twelve Days of Christmas
#14~ The Book of Christmas
#15~ The Animals' Christmas Carol
#16~ A Little House Christmas
#17~ The Christmas Pageant
#18~ Jingle Bells
#19~ The Tale of Three Trees
#20~ The Christmas Bird
#21~ Christmas
#22~ Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia
#23~ On Christmas Eve
#24~ Luke 1 and 2


  1. oooo...I love this idea! I wish i had the complete list so we could do it too. I don't think i have even 5 christmas books, much less 24. I will need to do some research.

  2. We are definitely going to do this! Thank you for the idea. I know we have a couple to start with, but a trip (or two) to the library will be needed!

  3. I know our local library always has a nice shelf of Christmas and holiday books this time of year, also, a good librarian should be able to guide you to some gems, too.

  4. Love this idea! I'm going to go get some books.

  5. Love it- still waiting for the day where Elise's attention span is longer than 30 seconds, *sigh*.

  6. There is a great knitting-related Christmas book called Pashmina the Christmas Goat.

  7. We will definitely be looking up this book about the Christmas Goat- sounds lovely!


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