Phoebe's Sweater for a Boy

by Joanna

Since the time I designed Phoebe's Sweater two years ago, I have wondered how it would work as a pattern for a little boy. This fall, I managed to knit up a version for our son, and am thrilled with the results.

 For anyone who has made this sweater for a girl, or, even if you haven't, here are a few very simple modifications to knit this boy version from the original pattern:

Phoebe's Sweater for a Boy
1) To start, you will be skipping the flared skirt which gathers at the waistline. Instead, simply cast on directly for the bodice by casting on the number of stitches which remain after the waist decrease row, for the particular size you are making. These numbers can be found in the written pattern. Work back and forth in garter stitch for 2 1/2 [3, 4] inches. Switch to stockinette stitch, and work another 2 1/2 [3, 4] inches.

2) The rest of the sweater is worked just as written in the pattern, except for one simple change. Work in garter stitch wherever the stripes and bands pattern is directed. This includes the 7 stitches at the edges of the hood.

elfy pointed hood

I did four buttons instead of three

busy boy on the go!

hood shaping

garter stitch cuffs

somebody likes his new sweater!


  1. Love it!

  2. Very nice! I made the Phoebe/Hill Top (, now I'll have to try this for my son!


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