Serendipity Yarn and Gifts... and, What's Needling U?

by Freddie
This weekend we went on the road!  It was a mini book tour through the Colorado Rockies, and I loved every minute of it!  I joined Phoebe and the rest of our family as we made our first stop at Serendipity Yarn and Gifts in Buena Vista, Colorado. 

The fun thing about this shop is that in addition to being a great yarn shop, it is also a toy shop!  There are some really special toys here, but I have to say my favorite was this sweet Sleeping Beauty.  I think her bed looks really comfy and cozy, don't you?

Mother had fun meeting the knitters and the readers, and looking at yarn.  Phoebe and I are here with her and Tami, who owns the shop.  We wish we could have stayed longer... but...

... it was time to hit the road!  We drove through Leadville...

which is an interesting old mining town, located at:

2 miles above sea level!  Onward to our next stop, What's Needling U? in Frisco...

where we were warmly welcomed by a fine pair of platypodes.  I felt quite at home among such good company! 

A fun trio of brothers each went home with one of Miranda's awesome knitted turtles...

...and this little sweetie, who just became a big sister, got her very own signed copy of Phoebe's Sweater.  It was a good day for all.

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