Muscadine Socks by Star Athena

by Joanna
One of the funnest things about working at Interweave is seeing the finished projects as they come into the office.  Star Athena's Muscadine Socks caught my attention right away... I think it was the sideways garter ankle cuff that did it for me.  Star designed them with Blue Moon Fiber Arts mediumweight, and I knew that was the yarn I needed to track down at the Vogue Knitting Live show in NY this winter...

I still think the name Rooster Rock is one of the best colorway names ever!  This was my first toe-up sock, and I can't wait to make its mate!  But since I have a lot of work knitting in my basket right now... I will have to!  I think I might need to make a pair of these for the Artist, too!

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