In which I show and tell my Vogue Knitting Goodies

by Joanna
In a good show of knitterly temperance, I limited myself to purchasing only very-special-unavailable-anywhere-else goodies at the Vogue Knitting Live show in New York.  Let's see how I did:

a signed copy of Nicky Epstein's new book...

I really love this two-way capelet!

Blue Moon Fiber Arts mediumweight in colorway Rooster Rock. 

The updated Knitter's Almanac, graciously signed by Meg Swansen, and, lastly,

A lovely tote to carry it all in.  A special tote.  With words.  About knitting.  Also signed by Meg. 

 How did I do?  I think I did well, plus, it all fit in my bag for the flight home!  By the way, I had an interesting experience in Newark Airport waiting to fly home to Denver.  A kind trio of women, who were also on their way home from the Vogue Knitting Live Event, identified me as a fellow knitter by my Linen Stitch Scarf, and invited me to join them for dinner.  Typically, I don't eat dinner in the Newark Airport with complete strangers, but somehow, with knitters it's just different!

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