Baby Envelope

by Joanna
This is the opening illustration for our new children's book, Freddie's Blanket.  My husband Eric did an amazing job of capturing the feel I wanted for this new story, and this first illustration might just be my favorite one of them all.  He carefully studied my knitting pattern design, the Baby Envelope, while creating this drawing, and I just love the beauty of this simple moment.

The Baby Envelope is one of five new knitting patterns included in our new knitting picture book.  My only regret is that I didn't come up with this pattern sooner- when our three children were still babies!  The Baby Envelope is uniquely designed with one extra wide flap which can be tucked under and around the sleeping babe. 
Simple and sweet.


  1. Wonderful! I went to Ravelry to have a peak at your new patterns and I LOVE them all! This book will be perfect for Leo (my 20 months grandson) who is going to have a little brother anytime now. I am sooooo excited, I can't wait to put my hands on your new book!

    Marie Louise, Emma's grandmother

  2. Thank you Marie Louise! Your grandchildren sure are blessed to have you as their knitting grandma! I can't wait for you to see it. Happy New Year!

  3. What a treasure to have a handmade piece and a wonderful book to go along with it! It makes a memorable gift from grandma or anyone else to a new addition to a family. It's a must have.

    Marie, from Wisconsin


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