by Phoebe
This is Morgen, a brand new friend I met at the LambShoppe in Denver.  An aspiring knitter, Morgen had a great time playing with the knits in the trunk show... trying on Phoebe's Sweater, making sure I had mine on too, and dressing and undressing Freddie Platypus.

We had a great time at the LambShoppe, which, we decided, is very much like the candy shop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except that the shelves are stocked with yarn, not candy.
They certainly have shelves and shelves of yarn here.  And I have never been to a shop with quite so many people sitting and knitting- it was great! 

Our youngest visitor was Maddie, whose knitting mama was already looking for the perfect yarn to knit a Phoebe's Sweater for her next fall.  She and May got along just fine!

In addition to being a busy shop full of knitting knitters, I have yet to see such a dog-friendly yarn shop.  Friendly and well-behaved pups streamed through the shop all afternoon, and, they even have a book at the shop (called, of course, Dogs) featuring the LambShoppe's favorite dog.  I just love the flying fur!
We had a great time sharing our book and our knits with the knitters and readers at the LambShoppe this weekend...

Thank you for having us!

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