~Fancy Tiger Crafts

by Phoebe
My first trip to Fancy Tiger Crafts was so much fun!  This is a very special shop that carries knitting, sewing, and crafting supplies for the savvy crafter.  I have been looking forward to this for weeks!

This is a wall of yarn that makes you go "mmmmm...." 
Mmmmmalabrigo.... Mmmmmadelinetosh......
The color palette of the yarns was simply stunning!

Mother (pictured here) and I met a fabulous group of kids at the book signing...
Here you see a creative pair- one is a writer and the other is an artist.  Maybe they will write a children's book together someday!

This sweet baby girl liked me a lot.  She is fortunate to have a knitting mama- maybe she will knit her a Phoebe doll someday!

Something that made this night really special is that my little cousin came to the book signing!  He was such a good little boy at the book signing and had a nice time visiting with Freddie Platypus... I hope we can come back to Fancy Tiger when Freddie's book is done!

I had a great time meeting Anya, who was born in Russia, and loves to swim, ski, and ice skate. 

Mira made a special trip to the shop with her mother (who is a talented seamstress) to have her copy of Phoebe's Sweater inscribed.

She also had a fun time playing with Freddie's sister May and her handknit doll clothes.

Zoe and her grandmother came into the shop for a book, too, and while they were there, they picked out some pretty purple yarn for Zoe's very own sweater.  What a nice grandma she has!

Thank you Jaime and Amber, for hosting our book signing at your fabulous shop!

Thank you Fancy Tiger and your friendly, helpful staff, for welcoming us this week!


  1. We enjoyed seeing Phoebe and her momma on Friday night at the Fancy Tiger. The trunk show was truly impressive and being in that shop immediately got us excited to do some fun projects. Best of luck as the second book comes to completion! Love, Greg, Anna, and Luke

  2. Thanks for coming, it was so nice to see you! I am glad you like Freddie, too!


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