The Recycled Lamb

by Phoebe
The first stop on my Home for the Holidays holiday book tour was at The Recycled Lamb in Lakewood.  This was a special event, as we were able to share original artwork from our books, along with a sneak peek the trunk show of knits for our upcoming book, Freddie's Blanket, due out this winter.

It was a pleasure to meet such a kind and talented group of knitters, I wish I could come to every knit night here!  Do you see the gorgeous Geodesic Cardigan pictured here?  That is now on our knitting list for sure!  Also, Cathy's two-at-a-time socks were very inspiring... Mother can't wait to try those!

Here you see Cheryl modeling our upcoming pattern, the Hill Top Jacket.  Wait until you see the neat artwork Father is working on to accompany the pattern!

Can you see May, my new platypus friend?  She was well-loved by our youngest visitor to the book signing, one of my earliest fans and the daughter of Allegra, co-editor over at Petite Purls.  Another talented visitor was Cheryl Oberle, who we enjoyed meeting at the shop.  It was certainly a night for meeting creative and talented knitters.

We were surprised to have a visitor all the way from Michigan.  Maureen, from Whitmore Lake Yarn Company, showed up with her very own Phoebe's Sweater!  Don't you just love the way knitting can bring people together!  It was great to see you Maureen, maybe we will be able to visit your shop one day! 

Thank you for having us, it was a lovely evening, and we look forward to doing it all over again next time!

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