Bee Family Farm

by Phoebe
This pig is one of the new friends I made at Bee Family Farm last week.  He really liked the way my wool sweater smelled.  (I am not sure I like the way he smelled.)

We saw sheep, Brown Swiss Cows (my favorite), and chickens... it was a great day to visit a farm.
They even put us to work a little bit!

For some reason, doing the laundry this way is much more fun!

The house tours were packed with interesting tidbits of 20th century domestic history.  Check out this baby bassinet!  It doesn't look too cozy to me!  But I loved all of the neat old-fashioned clothing and quilts.

"War is a Woman's Job Too!"
This booklet from the 1940's was of great interest to Mother for some reason... the prefect blend of domestic history and knitting, I suppose!

The family saved their original homestead house after a flood by cutting off the first two feet of house above the foundation and resetting it on a new slab.  If that isn't economy in action, I don't know what is!

Thanks for a fun and educational afternoon, Bee Family!

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