Ancient Mummy... Newborn Baby...

by Phoebe
I recently took at trip to the Art Museum with some of my good friends to see an amazing collection of artifacts from King Tut's tomb.  I wasn't allowed to take photos in the exhibit, but trust me, it was really impressive! 

I also watched my first 3-D movie.  It was about mummies.  My friend was worried that the movie might be about dead people.  It was.  But being as I love history, I found it all quite fascinating.  I finished off the day with an outing with Mother to Knit Night...

... where she worked on her Minimalist Cardigan,

the Nanny worked on her Tea Leaves Cardi,

and the Weaver worked on her Feather and Fan Scarf.

The Doula decided to join us, and was busy knitting a pair of socks for her new baby...

... who happily slept in a hand knit blanket of her own invention.
All told, it was a good day.

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