Loot Bag

by Phoebe
So... I heard a lot about Mother "being a good girl" and "not buying very much yarn" at the Fiber Fair this weekend.  So... let's see how she did by looking at what came home with us in the Loot Bag...
Space dyed pencil roving from Midnight Designs. 
100% merino- nice.

Handcrafted wooden buttons from Tanglewood studios...
beautiful Brazilian Paduc.

Handpainted sock yarn from Two Windows- very pretty.
So far Mother has been shopping very nicely!

A shuttle for our cricket loom. 
More on this soon...

Barefoot Knits. 
We found this book at the Brown Sheep Factory store...
along with...

A half-pound cone of cotton fine. 
This is for warping the cricket loom.  Very reasonable.

A pound of "waste roving"- the dyed roving is for a friend and the natural is for Sister, who is learning to spin.
I say, Mother did pretty well... until...
she went overboard
this happened:

Factory Seconds Yarn by the pound.
It looks like an awful lot of yarn to me.
We did hear that weaving uses a lot more yarn than knitting...
I sure hope so!

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