In Father's Studio~ Hand Lettering

by Phoebe
He is a graphic artist by day, and moonlights as an illustrator here at Slate Falls Press.  He loves to draw and paint. 
He also loves to hand letter... anything.  This month he has been doing a lot of lettering on the weekends...

Some things he letters are slow, like this classic sailboat.

Some are fast, like this racecar. 

Here are the valve covers for this historic restoration.  This Salt Flats racecar broke a speed record by going 235 miles per hour back in the early 1950's.

That's fast!  My dad and grandpa study old photographs of these cars to recreate the lettering to look just like it originally did.  And if you were wondering where it all started... it was back when... dad was a kid and helped his father out at his shop.  This is a craft that has been passed down through the generations.

And it looks like Sister will be carrying the tradition on.

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